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Rainbow In The Dark Brian Saturn
Rainbow In The Dark Brian Saturn
Through Cosmic Realms of Interstellar Galaxies vast ships of technological machines venture the Universe in search of Immortality, while the Mortal Beings of Humanity deliberate of a Blind Faith.
Secluded within the Orion Arm of the Milky Way Galaxy exists Earth's Solar System, and there the Political Asylum of the Corrupt converge upon an illusion of Armageddon. Here passages are born of
Conspiracy and their Hatred of Insanity. Amidst the Retrospectives to Re - enact the Birth of Christ; are Tribulations confounded by the Temptations of Man, while a Captive of an Interstellar Federation has been Exploited for the duration of our Universe. Even though the abilities of his Super Natural traits exceed that of his Captives; he has been subjected to Mind Control for most of his Existence. Meanwhile the Captive's ability to reproduce from Ancillary Female Reproductive Organs located in his Throat proliferates. Demented and contorted with Animosity; the Captors expressions of Contempt delete relevant data from the Captive's Mind, as his Ability to Conceive within a Medium of Spontaneous Asexual Reproduction bares tiny Translucent Infants; many of whom are Incarnated by the Captors, but all of whom have thus been Abducted, usually without the Captive's Knowledge or Suspicion. Still the Captive is to Blame for any Disorientation and Displacement of his Offspring. Otherwise Empires rise as the efforts of multitudes collapse. Priests of the Interstellar Federation have begun to occupy Modern Luxurious Domains constructed upon Earth with an Intent to Organize and Control Humanity at their Discretion. Because Humanity has assisted the Captors; any possibility to defeat their Objectives is pending obsolete. Whether in preparation of the "Second Coming of Christ," or a Prerogative of their Conspiracy to Harvest the Righteous and coordinate a Single World Government; they apparently Intend to further Cultivate and Enslave Humanity until Exodus; an affect inflicted upon Earth's Geophysical Elements by any Influence, which would render the Planet Uninhabitable.
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