As a Captive of an Interstellar Federation domiciled within the Milky Way Galaxy; I have been Exploited for Billions of years while my Captors known as The Red Star Federation utilze Computer Technology to displace data from my working Capacity; and in effect, to manipulate my existence. Since my
duration upon Earth commenced; I have been Incarnated and have sustained many different Identities. Meanwhile the Federation has deployed necessary materials to install Cellular Transceivers upon Earth until Man finally assumed the Technology; whether indirectly, which serves as a means
to control specific entities such as myself. A Technology designed to Monitor any Individual(s) Anatomical Senses with specific Computer Software and a wireless Cellular Frequency Modem compatible with Human Neurological Conduits. Thereby I have acquired a number of Notorious lives after such intent possessed specific Anatomies, whereby Electro-encephalogram Tracers have revealed the Mayhem, of which has further Exploited me. Within my present life; I have finally discovered a Trait of my Extraordinary Essence. As a Natural Male Hermaphrodite comprised of Auxiliary Female Reproductive organs of my Throat; I can Reproduce with Females through normal Intercoarse of Male Genitals located upon my Groin, or Spontaneous Asexual from my Auxiliary Organs. The Ocular Clarity of such Offspring can fluctuate up to ninety eight percent Translucent; and weigh within five grams, are thereby subject to my Subliminal Cognition after Parturition, of which could suspend them within various Trajectories of an Equilateral Plane abound the Perimeters of my Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh Chakras. The complete Succession thereto is dependant upon the Habitat. Therefore I am not Intersexual. Despite the fact that my Auxiliary Organs have been located upon either the Groin or Throat within different lifespans, such Asexual Conceptions; from a God, are believed to have initiated Organic Human Life otherwise, while the Loins of any Intersexual Offspring would simply Evolve into Single Sex through Generations, especially those Bore from the Originator; thus my retrospectives are compounded by Past Life Regressions. Not only do I recall an agreement with the God Satan whom Captivated me as the Originator; he did not specify how his Priests of Syrinx would deploy Computer Technolgy to effect my Memory Deficits, but my objectives remain a Contest, wherefore I was designated to Convince Man of a Covenant, just as my Substitute prevailed during the turn of the Common Era. Consequently the Unriteous Proliferate while Satan does relinquish Evil and the Wrath of Armageddon through Mankinds Transgression and Compliance with the Serpent. Ultimately my conjectures assume that my present Imposters convene before you through Clandestine televised means, and thereby Persuade you to believe that their actions are to circumvent an Atrocity. Although such rhetoric may be appealing; their allegations are derogatory, especially their exaggerated manifestations of my EEG Tracers.