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Rainbow In The Dark Brian Saturn
Rainbow In The Dark Brian Saturn

      ​​Through Interstellar Dimensions of Time and Distance remains Zerex; a large Interplanetary System comprised of Outter Worlds, which is controled by the Red Star of the Solar Federation. During the last lifetime that I Inhabited Zerex; I was an Extraordinary  Musician consisting of many Styles and Genres. With a Discretion of Stealth; the Priests of Syrinx  inflicted my Memory with Transient Deficits, and allowed Imposters to claim my Music. Yet those Engrams did collide with Reality, and instinctively my Expressions of Improvisations continued to Demonstrate an Exhibition of my Demeanor through an Electric Guitar. I realized the Tragic Intent of my Adversaries; though I was not aware of my Captivity. Regardless... I inscribed the Lyrics and Music to The Temples of Syrinx during 4002 BCE; which was eventually Translated from my Electroencephalograms Recorded on Earth, then re-produced by a Canadain Rock Band during the 1970's CE. The work and any Components was an effort to Protest the Priests whom occupied the Temples of Syrinx under the Authority of the Red Star of the Solar Federation. There after they had decided to Retaliate, and with their Great Computers; my Captives, erased my Agenda, then sent me to Earth with a Sister where I have been Incarnated for the last 6 thousand years. Since 4000 BCE my objective was to Convince Mankind that the Commandments were the way of Life; or that the God Satan would Prevail, but the Priests of Syrinx refused to allow a Legitimate Contest and displaced my objectives until they could achieve Complete Advantage. Especially since I had been Granted a Substitute to Crusade the Word of God upon Earth long ago. So until my present Lifetime; my Deliberations were devoid of Retrospectives and Regressions necessary to contemplate of my Past Lives. All the while the Priests of Syrinx influenced Governments with Democracy; and any Deriviatives comparable to Republican, as they Illustrated their Power to a Dominant Government. Thus National and International Social Networks comprised of Predestine Civilians were Massacred; in an effort to eliminate Key Personnel so that Anarchy could then Occupy Governments. Now in the year 2017 CE the Reminents of Integrity could perish amidst the intent to construct a Single World Government. Amongst us the Key Personnel of many Intricate Social Networks that effect Integrity are Jeopardized by Anarchy. Therefore an Emergency for all People of Earth is now immanent.